My name is MasterBlaster2039, and here are some hints and tips for owners of a CF-18 mk1 (900Mhz) :

The CF-18 mk1 can be upgraded to 1,2 Gigabyte. I installed a 1 gigabyte dimm inside my CF-18 that has 256MB standard on board.

If you have problem installing a new OS, then i have a simple solution for MK1 users.

Remove your Harddrive and battery/accu. Then boot again with a bootable USB cd-rom, or USB-stick. The CF-18 recognises the USB device and boots from it. Shut off the CF-18, re-install the harddrive, and boot again. This time the CF-18 still boots from the USB device, making you able to install a new Operating System. I installed Windows XP with this simple and easy method.

My Name is Cody, I own a CF-18, it has a 900MHz Pentium M with 1024mb ram. I have managed to get windows 7 running on it, even with its older processor, I think I've pushed the limits of Windows in this scenario. I figured out how the touch screen works, if you can't seem to get yours working, and have the stylus, on the stylus is a grey button, all you have to do is push it to activate the touch screen in Windows. Although that is the way it works with windows 7, i doubt that is how it works with Win XP.

I'll put up some more information later. I've owned this model Toughbook since about late July of this year, 2012.

It's very possible that if you're trying to figure out how to do something (as opposed to figure out if something's possible), it's already been discussed on the CF-19 page, and probably works the same on the CF-18. They are so very physically similar, I just replaced my CF-19's cracked antenna covers with ones from a CF-18. I'm pretty sure the keyboards are interchangeable, and wouldn't be surprised if the screens were too. Screen protector installation is definitely the same.

The one thing I've noticed is that CF-18s have that speaker bump on their underside. CF-19s don't have that. I'd be interested to know if the wireless in the CF-18 can be abused the same way as in the CF-19. I'm sure Linux installation is basically the same.

So try over there at the CF-19 page. Best of luck.

Looking for parts? to have lots of CF-18 and CF-19 parts. I just received shipment of my first transaction from them. They ship quick (particularly to me, apparently they're somewhere in Metro Detroit) and send you what they say they will, at a reasonable price.

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